25 May 2014

6m - Sunday

Saturday we went to Canterbury on the train to see my son and family, so no amateur radio yesterday. Was going to listen for G4BAO's test 70cm beacon on my vertical, but John has turned it off I hear.

I have been on 6m WSPR (1W ERP) since just before lunchtime and  DL4MFC (916km) and DK1KW (914km) have spotted me by Es. Also spotting me are the usual locals. Just  been spotted by EA6ZL (1485km) at 1226z at a strong -5dB S/N.

I spotted OE9ICI (857km) at 1230z running QRO fifty watts! Why?? He would have been good copy at 5W or less. WSPR is a WEAK SIGNAL mode and running high power is just daft and a waste. I expect it was one of his first attempts! He will soon learn.

Lots of 6m EU Es evident. 6m seems to be open in most EU directions.

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