6 May 2014

2m UKAC this evening

The 2m UKAC contest was my first opportunity to try 2m under contest conditions with the FT817ND and the 3 el beam (hand rotated). In all I operated for 90 minutes before I had to stop because of my strained voice (stroke). Using my voice was hard work this evening!

Best DX was G4CZP/P in IO90jo (212km) and M0KJR in IO81vh (202km) but I heard (but did not work) GD8EXI on the Isle of Man who was called several times without success at the 5W level. To be honest, turning the beam was a pain and I suspect results would have been (at least) as good on a pair of stacked and phased big wheels (5dBd).  Perhaps it was my technique with the beam that needs to be learned? I wanted to peak the beam whereas I should have kept the beam heading and tried to work what I could hear well?

Conditions did not seem above normal to me. It was raining during the contest here. Compared with the halo (used before), results were definitely better.

Next Tuesday it will be the 70cm UKAC contest - that will be interesting if my voice is any good.

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