6 May 2014

10m WSPR - the same faces?

One of the drawbacks of WSPR is that you seem to have the same people on day after day. This is "a good thing" if comparing reports day to day, but it means the reports tend to be from the same sub-set of the amateur community.  There would be more variety on some other modes. For this reason, I shall be trying some other modes in the coming days. The advantage of WSPR is it does not require me to speak (good with my stroke) and it works with very low power.  As I tend to use 2W and very modest (low gain) antennas, this mode usually suits me fine.

UPDATE 1645z:   Openings to South and North America have been noticeable by their absence here so far today. Yesterday, when conditions were supposed to be worse, the openings were quite decent. This afternoon 4X1RF and DK6UG were my main spotters, in fact my only spotters.

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