7 May 2014

10m early start

4X1RF was spotting me from 0442z today which is very early indeed. Are we in for a good day? Sunspot count is 137 and 20-30MHz conditions meant to be "good". We'll see.

At the moment (0830z)  4X1RF and 4X1DA are the only stations spotting me. Sometimes their reports are identical whereas at other times they differ by 11dB, I assume because of different antennas and the exact path by which my signal arrives at their stations.  Fascinating.

UPDATE 0840z:  Just been spotted in Norway by LB9YE (1533km) presumably by Es. No "decent" DX yet.

UPDATE 1245z:  Still very quiet on 10m WSPR.   Mainly 4X1RF and a few spots from LB9YE. A very quiet day on 10m.

UPDATE 1515z:   Just one South American spotted me - PU8MET  (7842km). So far today conditions have been dire.

UPDATE 1745z:  10m is an amazing band: just when I was ready to give up on the band WA6JRW (8664km) in DM14he was spotting me at -24dB S/N. A little earlier I spotted K9AN. Maybe there will be others?

UPDATE 2020z:  No more North or South Americans? I think the DX has passed now: 4X, DH and GM only now.

UPDATE 2015z:  Sorry, this is 10m, the band filled with surprises! In the last few minutes W1 call area spotted and being spotted. Probably yet more to come?

UPDATE 2100z:    WSPR spots exchanged 2-way with a couple of stations in the W1 call area. Conditions really are surprising after the lack-luster N-S conditions earlier in the day.

UPDATE 2130z:  Still DX about and those mysterious spots from Scotland again:
Recent 10m WSPR spots

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