12 Apr 2014

Windows Updates and (late start) 10m WSPR

This morning , I assumed I was on 10m WSPR but instead I discovered the (new Windows 8.1) PC was doing a Windows update and was quietly waiting for me to restart the computer! This I did at around 1300z after which I was back on 10m WSPR.  Sunspot count is down to 83 with "disturbed conditions" today so I would expect 10m conditions at 2W to be more difficult.

PY2RN 10m WSPR spots early afternoon today
My first spot today at 1318z is of PY2RN (9550km) running 5W.  Excellent reports both given and received.

Interesting that even at 1822z, not a single spot exchanged with North America, well here at least. All 10m propagation, for me, is in the N-S direction so far today. More like quieter years. Others with better low angle antennas may have done better.

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Steve McDonald said...

I find these auto- updates aggravating and have set two new computers to let me choose which updates I get. The only MS updates I download are the ones flagged as 'critical' and are either for Win 7 or for MS Security Essentials....the auto-updates always want to add more stuff! It only takes a minute or two twice a week to check and see what is new. All of the other stuff like Java or Adobe, who seem to want to update your version every week (!) are also set to 'manual'

Looking forward to your latest NLOS tests as we will be doing similar tests here this summer across Georgia Straight.

73 Steve VE7SL