16 Apr 2014

VHF/UHF antenna arrives

A large package arrived today: my 3el/5el VHF/UHF beam, brackets and feeder cable. I must now await Andrew G6ALB to help me erect it.

We have grandchildren here over Easter, so I am hoping Andrew can help next week or the week after in time for UKAC Tuesday evening contest sessions. I am quite looking forward to having some modest gain on 2m and 70cms SSB/CW/digital. I gather there are also Sunday and Wednesday activity sessions on 70cms.


Tim said...

Excellent, Roger. Maybe we can retry the JT65b test. I have a horizontal beam on 432MHz, so that will be easiest.

Actually, we may not even need JT65b! CW or SSB will probably work!


Roger G3XBM said...

Yes, more than happy to repeat the test Tim.