5 Apr 2014

VE3GEN - colossal 10m signal, and G7JVN

Running 2W RF,  VE3GEN is a huge WSPR signal today at +4dB S/N, implying he would be copyable with low milliwatts. LZ1OI is 10dB stronger still.  Even my own 2W is +1dB S/N right now at 1542z with KB9AMG at 6300km. Just goes to prove how good 10m can be on a good day.

Intrigued by me copying G7JVN (JO00) who is 154km south of me. Just what 10m mode is this? -23dB is not too bad a signal.  I'd be surprised if aircraft scatter was involved, so could it be tropo?  Drift on his signal was large at 2Hz, but the actual received signal showed a near continuous, but frequency varying signal, no sign of Doppler or  multiple signal returns as commonly seen with aircraft reflections. Similarly, G3WKW at 134km copid earlier in the day, but we believe this WAS an aircraft crossing the path (no Doppler). I suppose G7JVN could have been an aircraft crossing the path too?

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