22 Apr 2014

HF wire fallen down

My Par 10/20/40m end-fed has, this afternoon, fallen down, explaining the high SWR on 10m just now. I think I must have knocked it when seeing if the brackets and pole for the 2m/70cm yagi will fit OK outside the guest bedroom window (they will).   My son, or maybe Andrew G6ALB, will be asked to help re-erection. It has come adrift at the 40m trap I think, so should be easy to fix.  Just need to remake the joint and ask someone to climb a tree (with a small ladder) to tie the end off.  I am just too wobbly for ladders, more is the pity.

I was thinking of fitting the wall brackets for the 2m/70cm antenna myself, but this will prove too hard in my current poor state of health I have decided. I am too clumsy and wobbly (stroke).

For the coming days I'll have to concentrate on 472kHz instead using the earth-electrode antenna.

Interestingly, by about 1516z, there were no USA or Canadian stations being copied here but I was getting/giving decent spots into South America, even with the antenna half down and a poor match on 10m. It appears there was some 10m propagation to the USA for others.


Bert, PA1B said...

Hello roger, you'r not 18 anymore, so take care.
I was on the roof for a "quick" repair of my a inverted vee, few weeks ago. But when I saw the damage and how much time it would take to fix it, my POWER was gone at once and completely. So I went back inside immediately.
Just wait for the "young ones"to help you. 73, Bert
73, Bert

Roger G3XBM said...

Good advice Bert!