20 Apr 2014

Easter Sunday 10m WSPR

Early morning 10m unique WSPR spots today
A modest start this morning with a few Asians coming through. Sunspot count is 259 (high) but HF conditions are again disturbed so conditions are only shown as "fair" at present. I wonder if the band will open to the USA /Canada later?

UPDATE 1045z/1300z:  UA6AAK  has been a massive +3dB S/N signal here at 1038z.   Single hop F layer I presume. At 1300z he was +6dB S/N with 5W.

UPDATE 1255z:   First spots of my 2W 10m WSPR today from Brazil PU2BFG (8852km) at 1122z and my first spot of CX2ABP (11127km) at 1208z.

UPDATE 1910z: I notice several USA and Canadian stations in the WSPR log for late this afternoon. Most activity seems to have been N-S into S.America, but at least there was a stateside opening after all.

UPDATE 2210z: All the DX now seems to be South American.e..g. spots of my signal from PY2ZX (9555km).

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