22 Apr 2014

Better 10m conditions today

With a sunspot count of 168 and a forecast of "good" 20-30MHz propagation, 10m should be good, and it is. I can say with quiet confidence that 10m will be good to S.America very soon and to N.America this afternoon. The good times are very much still with us!

Already this morning I have spotted EX1UN (5423km) and VK8TH (13800km), twice now in Darwin N.Australia, and have been spotted (Es I assume) by IZ6QZB. All between 1016z and 1040z.

At 1038z CX2ABP (11127km) was spotted (Montevideo, S.America).

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David Tegerdine said...

I've only recently been playing with 10m WSPR, but it seems quite unusual that the only stations I've been able to hear yesterday and today (other than yours via direct-path) are in Uruguay and Brazil.
David G0LRD