7 Apr 2014

481THz QRSS3 beacon

This afternoon I dug out my optical QRSS3 beacon, PSU and optics. In the coming days I intend to test this locally from my shack by scatter off local walls and trees with the RX head, 100mm optics and Spectran software in a different room.

If all is working well, I shall ask my wife to drive me to an NLOS (over the horizon) location at 6.18km to see if the signal can be received. This is the first optical test in many months.

At the moment I am struggling with quite simple stuff because of my stroke. I am still so clumsy.


Ken May said...

Hi Roger,
I am intrigued, what mechanisms do you see in operation to give you 'over the horizon' reception with light?

73 Ken G4APB

Roger G3XBM said...

My understanding Ken is this just forward scatter from dust and other molecules in the atmosphere. Of course, if there are any clouds present on the path that make it easier. I have already spanned nearly 9km by clear air scatter (no visible clouds at all) at 481THz (red light). No signs of red glow at all in the sky - quite remarkable.