9 Apr 2014

10m yesterday - a remarkable day

10m yesterday was quite remarkable here.

Nothing at all was seen until mid-afternoon and then the band just opened wide!  K9AN (6505km) last spotted my 2W signal at 2308z, which is after midnight local time and HOURS after the band has normally died out. It had been dark for hours. One wonders if this was F2 or even multi-hop Es? I wonder what was happening on 6m transatlantic?  I must check.

Even this morning conditions are encouraging with US7ISA (2634km) spotting my 2W as early as 0750z - very early and much earlier than stations were coming through yesterday. This is eastern Ukraine. Probably F layer but could, I guess, be early Es propagation.


Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, Thanks for the interesting experiment on 10 m with WSPR. I made an analysis of the spots and placed it on my Blog. 73,Bert

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for the interesting analysis on my WSPR results. I really did not expect the band to open up as it did. 10m really is a wonderfully interesting band.

Roger G3XBM