4 Apr 2014

10m WSPRing again

This afternoon I have returned to 10m WSPR. There are lots of transatlantic reports of my signal, as well as reports of my 2W signal from Russia and Brazil.  Not sure if it is a Win 8.1 issue or just the V2 WSPR program playing up but I seem to be NOT uploading spots I see at my end. Perhaps the internet service is very weak in my shack?

UPDATE 1545z:  Restarting the program and re syncing the clock fixed it. Anyone know how to change how often the PC clock is sync'ed to internet time in Win 8.1? I need to increase the frequency I think. I don't even know how to find the control panel in Win 8.1 !
Unique 10m WSPR spots received so far this afternoon

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