6 Apr 2014

10m WSPR

Not as many stations being copied as in the last few months and only G3JKV (123km) copying me so far today. 4X1RF who always seems to copy me seems not to be on right now on 10m. We'll see how things develop later in the day, but is this the start of the very slow slide down to the minimum? Must just go and move frequency about 10Hz in case I am sitting under a big station.
Recent 10m WSPR spots
UPDATE 1130z:  Just exchanged 10m WSPR spots with FR1GZ (9724km) on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. He is using 5W and me 2W.  Conditions must still be reasonable. No stateside signals seen yet.

UPDATE 1300z:   G7FYO (162km) is being copied  but with -3Hz shift, suggesting aircraft reflection. This is a new direction too (IO82), nowhere near London's busy airports. These inter-G spots will be our 10m "bread and butter" in a few years' time when the long DX wanes.

UPDATE 1425z:  Interesting that not one stateside station copied yet here today so far. A few Europeans are reaching the USA, but not me. It looks as if transatlantic DX will not be seen here today now.
Later 10m spots - note absence of stateside stations

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