21 Apr 2014

10m WSPR - local only so far Easter monday am

10m WSPR spots to 0940z today - all local
Only G0LRD (25km) - 13 spots so far -  is copying me this morning on 10m at 0952z.  No signs yet of Asian stations despite sunspot count of 192. The forecast for 20-30MHz is "poor" with disturbed conditions and blackouts.

By lunchtime, only  EA1KV and GM4WJA were vaguely DX stations spotting me. Condition so far today have been very poor indeed  on 10m.  David G0LRD, from Fowlmere, is testing a new 10/6m loft fan-dipole. There were about 24 decent spots from him by lunch, but little else of note. 4X1DA (3597km) was coming through at 1210z, which is very late indeed.

UPDATE 1800z: My Windows 8.1 PC still does odd things with the WSPR program, sometimes not uploading RX spots etc.  Since resettng the clock and program I am uploading my spot of V53ARC and I see I've been spotted in Brazil, S.America.


David Tegerdine said...

Hi Roger,
I'm testing a new 10m/6m fan dipole - I thought it wasn't working at all. Luckily it's just the conditions this morning!
David G0LRD (QTH Fowlmere

David Tegerdine said...

Roger, It's really just a 10m/6m fan dipole (not 10m to 160m). I've squeezed this two band antenna into one end of my loft space as an inverted-V. It tuned up pretty close to the theoretical lengths (for 45 degree slope and insulated wire), so I'm hoping this means that the very nearby roof tiles are fairly transparent to RF.