23 Mar 2014

6m Trans-equatorial propagation (TEP)

4X1DA and 4X1RF have been copying FR1GZ (over 6200km) away on Reunion Is, Indian Ocean, on and off today on 6m. Signals can be very strong. CN8LI has done even better at over 8000km 2-way. Here in the UK we are normally too far north to catch these TEP openings so we need some Es as well to link up with such openings. I keep trying in vain on WSPR. Best so far is 78km, hardly in the same league!


HF forecasts are pretty good with stable conditions and a high sunspot count. Of course Es (needed to reach the TEP propagation areas) is not that predicatable.

See http://www.amateur-radio-wiki.net/index.php?title=Trans-Equatorial_Propagation


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

It's quite an amazing phenomenon to see a 2-way WSPR link between 4X and Reunion Is. on 6, especially since I'm using just a 40M inverted-V as an antenna with only 5 watts. Also noticed a similar path around the same time daily between VK and JA. Thanks again for spotting the link. I wasn't familiar with 6M TEP until I came across the term on your blog.
Best 73,

Roger G3XBM said...

Well done Rich! I am jealous.

Roger G3XBM