27 Mar 2014

40m WSPR - using 500mW

Since last evening I QSYed from 6m down to 40m using just 500mW to my low Par 10/20/40m end-fed antenna. I am pleased to report that my signal was copied by K9AN at a distance of 6505km during the late evening. I copied a PY (Brazil) at -10dB S/N (9550km) but he was running a ridiculous (for WSPR) power of 50W.   5W would easily have been copied.  Perhaps he is new to WSPR does not realise just how effective WSPR is yet?

Some of the reports below show 2W before I reduced power to 500mW, but best DX reprts were at the 500mW level I am pleased to say.

40m unique WSPR spots - last 24hrs

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