21 Mar 2014

10m - harder work today (March 21st)

Although paths are open, it seems much more difficult on 10m this morning compared with recent days. Sunspot count is still 137 but solar conditions are more disturbed and these are noticeable. Even at 2W (quite QRO on WSPR!), spots are less easy to get.

UPDATE 1110z:   LZ1OI  is coming through at up to +8dB S/N on WSPR with 5W and this is a COLOSSAL signal.

UPDATE 1245z:  First transatlantic 10m RX spot was VE2PEP at 1240z at 5037km.

UPDATE 1500z: Conditions may a bit better than this morning. Quite a few transatlantic spots now but less easy than on recent days.

UPDATE 1536z:  HS0ZKM  in Bangkok being spotted - 9485km.

UPDATE 1555z: 17 spots from just one 10m 2W WSPR transmission is not bad with 11 transatlantic spots.

Some of the 10m WSPR spots on RX this afternoon - plenty of DX

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