24 Feb 2014

OFCOM - are they ALL automatoms?

Having now contacted OFCOM very many times in the last month I am getting heartily fed-up with the auto-response email system advising me to wait 5 days for a reply. So far, it is more like 5 WEEKS and I have still to hear from a single human being as opposed to that damn machine!  You may recall my inquiries related to sub-8.3kHz operation and operating with very low power around 73kHz and both queries should require straightforward quick answers.

They really must be understaffed, or is it just that unlicenced stuff (i.e. no income stuff) automatically goes to the bottom of the piles? Personally, I am less than impressed.

At current rate of progress I am getting inclined to TX on ANY frequency as I doubt ANYONE at OFCOM is actually bothered unless anyone happened to complain. And I am one who likes to keep to the law!

Based on OFCOM's total lack of interest I assume sub-8.3kHz can be used freely in the UK. Surely they would have screamed," NO, NO WAY!", long ago if they had a serious issue? I do wish they would reply unambiguously, and soon.

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