26 Feb 2014

Great success -80m WSPR with15m earth-electrodes

Last evening and overnight I left the 80m WSPR running using just the 15m E-W earth-electrode "antenna" and was well rewarded: best reception (here) was of a Canadian station and the best report of my own 2W was from Finland. In all, I received 20 unique spots in 9 countries with my best DX report from OH6GAP at 1852km. Reports are rarely what I would call marginal ones too.
80m 2W TX WSPR spots with 15m baseline E-W earth-electrode antenna
On RX here, I spotted 34 unique stations in 12 countries with best DX VA3SK (running 2W from FN06jf) at 5514km. A decent distance on 80m.

The antenna certainly works OK on 80m as well as 630m. Next try will be on 160m, probably starting after lunchtime today.

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