11 Feb 2014

6m WSPR - a disaster!

For the last few days I have been TXing and RXing on 6m WSPR with 2W and the V2000 vertical but apart from G4IKZ 18km away I have been copied by absolutely no-one and I have copied no-one either.

There were a couple of other G's on but too far away to copy and no luck from the few continentals active. My hopes of GDX or even wintertime Es were thwarted.

I have now returned to 630m RX and am already seeing LOTS of good European DX.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Better wait till the ES season in summer Roger. See you on WSPR! 73, Bas

Paul Stam said...

There is no Es. And with no Es the band is completely dead. I check WSPR spots old database for a quick look. When distances are under 20 km then I am not active on 6m.

G6AVK_QRPp said...

Your often a good signal here Roger 0n 6m but with zero decodes, this is due to aircraft scatter. This is also the cause of multiple decodes you have seen.

73 Colin

Roger G3XBM said...

Colin is right: aircraft Doppler is a major issue and can kill decodes at distances.

Paul you are WRONG: wintertime Es is far more common than you think.Also, I strongly believe, aircraft Doppler excepted, GDX out to at east 100km should be possible with my meager power on the band. If stations don't even try then indeed the band appears dead. With reasonable activity, 6m would sound very different.

73s Roger G3XBM

Zak The Rabbit said...

NO luck at all this end either Roger, Ive dropped back down to 10m for the time being!