20 Feb 2014

2nd FT817 and a Z817 tuner

Today I placed an order with Martin Lynch for the above. I was able to negotiate a decent deal both with MLS and with W+S, but decided on the former. Delivery should be this week. This should allow me to WSPR on one band and operate with other modes on different bands including 5MHz. My original FT817 has served me well and the FT817ND should serve me for years to come.

I have separately ordered a 250Hz CW filter for the new rig.


Steve W said...

A sound choice, the FT-817 is still well ahead of its game! I see its bigger brother the FT-897D can be had from ML & Sons for £649 inc the Yaesu discount.. I have always found Martin Lynch excellent to deal with, and quick to respond to any questions you may have.

73 G1KQH

Richard Y said...

How did you decide to go for the Z817 rather than the T1 ATU? I notice you asked the question about the two earlier and would be interested to know what influenced your decision.