26 Jan 2014

10m - Australia and USA early morning!

Just checked my WSPR spots with 2W on 10m so far this morning (to 1045z) and delighted to see I was received by VK3OER at 16743km and several spots from KD0VWO at 7408km. I have never been spotted in the USA so early in the day! Perhaps this is long path? I see I have spotted JA and VK stations too.
2W 10m WSPR 26.1.14 morning to1045z


PA2RF said...

Congratulations Roger
73 Ron PA2RF

Roger G3XBM said...

It's WSPR Ron. It is remarkable.
73s Roger G3XBM

Rupert N2OTO Lubkemeier said...

KD0VWO was in Brazil, not the USA. His area has its daybreak several hours before the east coast of the US. He also spotted me. I tried WSJT-X today for the first time. I hope to work you on JT9 next weekend!

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Rupert KD0VWO being in Brazil explains why I copied him. 73s Roger