31 Dec 2013

Release Date

The latest news from Addenbrooke's Hospital is I should be  home for good by Jan 6th. After that, apart from continuing to get better, I hope to buy a new rig and do my on-line tax return! Expect blogging proper again within a week or so. I continue to slowly improve on all fronts but find I am making lots of errors typing on the PC still.

Currently on 2 days' home leave over New Year (1 night at home) but have to return to hospital by 5pm Wednesday.


Jan, PA9QV said...

Good to have good news from you, Roger.

Looking forward to seeing activity from you again.

Stay healthy and take care
Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year !

Vy 73 de Jan OZ9QV/PA9QV.

Julian Moss said...

Great news that you'll be home soon. You aren't the onlu one to be having difficulty typing accurately. I'm thinking of trying some voice input software.

Julian, G4ILO

Roger G3XBM said...

Julian,, I seem to be living as if I am drunk all the time forever hitting the wrong letters on the keyboard. Everything presently takes twice as long as it used to before the stroke.

Thank you for the card by the way.

Mark said...

Best wishes for continuing recovery Roger!!! Glad to hear you will be going home soon.

Steve Wigg said...

Happy New Year to you Roger, and your family. Great to see you back!

73 G1KQH