13 Sep 2013

On 472kHz again this evening and future plans

In the next few days I need to buy some more wire and coax to continue my antenna experiments. The first thing I shall be trying is the larger "in the air" TX loop for the LF and MF bands - probably 136kHz , 472kHz and 1.8MHz coverage. The lower part of the loop can be several strands of PVC covered wire or coax in parallel to reduce resistive losses but the "up in the air" part will have to be 1mm diameter to avoid sag and being visible to the neighbours. I think I should be able to increase the loop area by 50% and reduce the wire losses by about 50%, so there should be a useful increase in ERP. This could be some weeks away though.

In the meantime I am continuing to TX and RX on 472kHz WSPR with the odd shape loop I currently have running along the garden fence and back along the surface of the lawn. It works, but as I said yesterday, it is some dB below what I can achieve in my small back garden whilst maintaining low visual impact to avoid neighbour issues.

After confirming the performance with the larger loop in the coming weeks, I shall try a short Marconi vertical to compare results - better omni coverage expected, but may not be as effective as the loop in the best directions?

After that, I shall probably be returning to 481THz and infra-red frequencies for more over the horizon scatter tests. I particularly want to try some IR scatter tests in daylight as I find going out on dark nights unpleasant.

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