7 Sep 2013

2m contest this weekend

After several PSK31 QSOs on 20m, I returned to 2m SSB to see what was doing in the contest running this weekend. First impressions are there are far fewer stations active than last Tuesday evening in the UKAC contest. I have worked a few stations using 5W and the halo but so far only JO01, JO02 and IO92 squares i.e. not that far away.

.....me thinks it is time to QSY to 472kHz WSPR and watch the TV, HI.

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John G4LRR said...

I never made any distant contacts with a halo. Found a 4 ele yagi much better and more stealth - Looks like an FM broadcast aerial. Had great fun on 2m in the 1970's ! Didn't they used to call a square halo a squalo ? - Brilliant blog, always enjoy reading it.