14 Jul 2013

HF activity - the weakest maximum in 100 years?

Space.com reports that the peak of cycle 24 is likely to be the weakest for 100 years with the next one likely to be even worse. See http://www.space.com/21937-sun-solar-weather-peak-is-weak.html .

Although I venture onto the HF bands every few days usually, I've not found the level of activity, excitement or interest that I had in previous solar cycle peaks. On 10m back in the 1979 peak the band was filled with stations at any time in the day, even outside of contests. There just doesn't seem to be the same level of activity these days? Perhaps it is because having worked over 100 countries with just a few watts, many on SSB, there is, for me, less interest in chasing DX now. Also, I tend to enjoy more creative parts of the hobby whether on VLF, lightbeams, etc. and don't have the time (as much) for HF operating where the competition is often from ill-mannered, QRO stations more interested in their egos than the ham radio spirit.


Dick said...

I note that condx are, again, poor. Same prop as fair in my opinion. Interesting WW1 was 100 years ago, plus a year. Time-frame nearly matching record hf minimum condx recorded.

Anonymous said...

I remember the 1979 peak well, i had a trio JR510, later years of high school!I was learning the code at the time - 21Mhz cw novice section was often packed with signals, probably nearing a 100 stations.
there was definately a lot more cw on 21/28 then but 160 80 40 seems about the same today.