4 Jul 2013

VLF kit at PA3CPM

Henny PA3CPM has been continuing his 8.270kHz VLF transmissions, on and off, for some weeks now and is getting reports from several stations in western Europe despite his modest antenna. Paul Nicholson in Todmorden and Eddie G3ZJO regularly receive his signals using integration over several hours and extremely narrow bandwidths to dig the signal out of the VLF noise.

8.270kHz VLF loading coil at PA3CPM
This is a photo of Henny's huge loading coil used to bring his 40m sloper to resonance on 8.270kHz. The loading coil uses a LOT of wire (several kms) and building such a VLF loading coil is not for the faint hearted! I suspect that a large wire loop may be an easier TX solution?
PA3CPM's VLF PA unit
Henny is using a 200W PA and this is shown here. Note the fans to cool the unit.

To radiate an amateur signal at VLF requires special dedication, yet Henny has shown that even a modest 40m antenna can get a signal hundreds of km on VLF with quite modest powers. It is indeed a new and exciting area of the hobby.

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