3 Jul 2013

My 1990s station ...and clearing out

Whilst sorting through my collection of SPRAT magazines to give to a local amateur G4NUA - I recently bought the SPRATbook and have most on DVD - I came across this photo inside one of them. It must have been taken around 1992 I think and shows the amateur radio station I had then. What is interesting  is that I actually had a 100W radio (FT747) at that time, although it was hardly ever used at that power because of the problems with RF feedback into the rig. The shack then consisted of a table by the window in our main bedroom. My wife must have been very tolerant!

The 10m Lincoln President, derived from a CB radio, was actually a very nice radio: I recall working mobile with it and having a solid SSB QSO with a station in India early one evening around the 1990 solar maximum whilst driving near Cambridge. It was sold long ago though. The little Mizuho MX2 (I still have one) was used to drive a 10m transverter and I worked plenty of 10m DX with it and around 1W pep to a vertical CB halfwave. The Standard handheld rigs came from my workplace: at one time we were considering OEM-in of PMR radios from Standard (before they joined with Yaesu)  and one of my colleagues got a pile of samples on a trip to Japan. Guess who got some of them after they had been "evaluated"? In the end we got some portable PMR radios from a source in South Korea and that was a disaster.

Today I have far fewer transceivers - all QRP - but get just as much fun. There are no homebrew rigs in this 1990s picture although I did have some. Today quite a lot of my kit is home made, although not all rigs remain in their cases for too long as I tend to note the schematic and take a few photos, then reuse parts and enclosures.

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Dick said...

nice nostalgic photo. we are still here but much of our radio "stuff" is gone.