4 Jul 2013

30 line TV

It is a long time since the Baird 30 line TV system was replaced by 405 line and then 625 line TV here in the UK. However, there are still enthusiasts building mechanical 30 line TV systems and getting respectable results. At one time I joined the NBTV group (does it still exist?) who promote(d) hobby activity with 30 line TVs, particularly mechanical versions with scanning discs etc. Bandwidths needed for such systems are very narrow (audio) so the signal can be transmitted using a standard voice transmitter. These days it is possible to produce 30 line TV using a PC, but this not quite the idea: one can after all communicate worldwide by Skype video or FaceTime.
 This video (linked from its original location on You Tube) gives some idea of what is possible.

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