31 Jul 2013

20m WSPR with 0.5 to 2W

As I wind down activity from this QTH before my move, I have been allowing my WSPR beacon to run on 20m using an indifferent wire antenna strung to a low tree at the bottom of the garden. At its lowest point is is only about 2m above ground. Power out has been 500mW or 2W. The results below speak for themselves: WSPR spots from across the planet.
20m WSPR unique spots in last day or so
These are just some of the unique spots: the actual list goes on and on down the page. I am a real fan of WSPR for checking rigs, antennas and propagation. It is also a way to still enjoy the hobby whilst packing up books, CDs, DVDs and other household rubbish in preparation for a house move!

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