10 Jun 2013

Gardening at the new QTH

This evening I've been busy laying some additional turf in the back garden at our new (soon) QTH. About 5sq m of additional lawn was laid with about the same again to be added in the coming weeks. The bundalow is still a bit of a mess with lots of building work ongoing. The new back garden is around 70 feet wide, so an end-fed 1/4 wave for 80m should be possible. Tomorrow evening I hope to plant a new tree in the lawn to provide some screening from the neighbours.  There is a lot of gardening to do to get the place looking as we would like, but it is coming on OK.

I am still deciding what to do about amateur radio and antennas at the new QTH. I dislike large and unsightly antennas, so whatever I do it is likely to be something stealth like. Whatever, it will be a whole new set of challenges to enjoy. At least I shall have a purpose built shack in which I can both operate and build, unlike the present QTH, with a nice view down the length of the back garden.

Incidentally I bought the turf out in the fens - much cheaper than the garden centre. It did involve driving my car into the middle of a large 100 acre field to collect it though (see RHS).


Chris M6CRD said...

Thanks for the articles Roger, I enjoy reading your blog immensely. N3OX has an interesting antenna design/concept on his website (www.n3ox.net/projects/n3oxflex/). Ignore if you've already seen it. Good luck with work at the new QTH.

VE3WDM said...

Good morning Roger, nice to see you getting the new QTH ready. I agree about the stealth antenna, not really knowing who your neighbours are it's better to avoid trouble. Very nice looking back yard.

Larry W2LJ said...


Put any radials down before laying down the turf? ;)

73 de Larry W2LJ