27 Jun 2013

Earth-mode transmitter on my website

I have added a page on my main website showing the VLF earth-mode beacon transmitter currently being used. In the next few days I'll add the article that appeared in RadCom in 2011 which shows the schematic as well as some more details of the recent tests.

At the moment, my earth-mode tests are on hold. I am finding more and more of my time is being taken up preparing for our house move. At some point in the next few weeks it will be time to take down the V2000 VHF/UHF vertical and the other antennas. It is a long time since I've had no antennas up at all! With luck I'll soon have them back in place at the new QTH and I can start DXCC chasing (gently!) from scratch again. I wonder how long it will take to work my first 100 DXCC countries with modest antennas at the new QTH?

The new home has a totally different shape garden and I shall be intrigued to find out how well (or not) an earth-electrode antenna works on VLF, LF and MF. A 20m baseline spacing between electrodes should be possible by placing the remote electrode at the far corner of the garden with the feed wire diagonally across the garden.

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