7 May 2013

The £20 decent HF transceiver thoughts

I never fail to be impressed by what other people know and that I don't.  Several people have responded to my post about the "£20 decent HF transceiver challenge" with ideas that use PICs and similar micro-controllers in novel ways to generate SSB signals. In all honesty I wouldn't have a clue about how to start doing this, so I am VERY impressed.

My own approach to the £20 transceiver would be very low tech indeed: not an IC in sight probably and certainly no processors. Having said that, I would be very interested to see how such novel approaches could help to realise a low cost decent HF transceiver. As an example of this look at the HF WSPR transmitters produced entirely using a Rasperry Pi PC.

One thing that life has taught me is that it is impossible to know about everything: some of us know lots about RF (I am only a surface scratcher) whereas others know lots about software or something else. Some very talented people have a wide span of knowledge.

We should be grateful for the unique knowledge WE have and gracefully accept that others know lots more than us about something else. It never does any good to be stressed about what we don't know. In my work days I always told my staff never to be afraid to ask the dumb questions as there are lots of others waiting for someone to ask them!

Incidentally I have done nothing yet towards this design. Weather has been too nice to be inside engineering, HI.

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