24 May 2013

Some HF beams spotted in HB9 land

Today, our Swiss rail holiday continued with a visit to the capital Bern, about 1 hour north of our current location at Kandersteg. We woke up this more to yet more snow on the ground, and this is MAY!

Yet again we were struck by the cost of things in Switzerland: postcards around 1-2 francs, 2 francs to use the station toilet (ouch!), a coffee around 4.20 francs and 8.50 francs for a bowl of goulash soup. The exchange rate is currently around 1.46 Swiss francs to the UK pound but the tourist rate is somewhat poorer.  Luckily the Great Rail Journeys holiday includes almost everything apart from lunches and a couple of dinners. I can recommend them.

For the first time, a couple of HF beams were spotted on the way to Bern: one was a 4 element HF beam with a 2m crossed yagi above (useful in this rugged, mountainous landscape) and the other a 4 element HF quad.

Tomorrow we head home via the TGV from Geneva to Paris and Eurostar to London.

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