26 Apr 2013

TJ2B 4 band HF SSB/CW handheld

Reading Julian G4ILO's excellent blog I noticed he mentioned the Youkits TJ2B 4 band HF SSB/CW transceiver from China.  The spec of this little handheld looks most interesting with 2 versions covering a choice of 4 HF bands in each option. Available ready built for just $329 with first shipments due around now. A kit version is also available for $269.

Now, at THAT price, this is a much more interesting little commercial unit to climb up that SOTA mountain or clifftop with!

For many months I've been predicting downturns in the Yaesu/Icom/Kenwood sales as a result of the increase in activity from Chinese suppliers. This is surely just the start.


aa7ee said...

Looks like a modern version of those Mizuho portable QRP HF rigs that were around in the 1970's.

Good stuff!


Paul PC4T said...

I like the old Italian hand helds for 20m (not in production any more) but this good be the answer. It looks like something from the fifties. ;-)

Todd Dugdale said...

This would be a lot more useful if it had a mic jack. Then you could connect it to a SignalLink and work PSK31. Maybe it could be modified.
Even the Technician Class can operate 10M digimode, and there is an option that includes 10M (28Mhz).
5W is also a decent JT-9 signal, for half of the cost of a FT-817ND.
Just need some way to get a digital signal into it, though.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the photos it appears there is a 3.5mm socket for an external mic right next to the BNC. It sits on the DDS board. No sign of CW option.

Jeff Weinmann said...

I ordered one and It should arrive this week.

I'm hoping the mic jack has a PTT ring. This would make PSK31 with an Android possible with a VOX circuit.

CW over SSB would also be possible but its confirmed no CW which is unfortunate.


Beric Dunn said...

If there was a schematic diagram available I would probably order one of these kits. Perfect for portable ops...