10 Apr 2013

My first QSL card for a JT9 QSO

eQSL card for JT9-1 QSO
Today I see I've received an eQSL card from Manuel EA7GDC  for one of my first JT9-1 contacts on 20m last week. I much prefer eQSL cards as these don't need to be physically stored, but can be printed out if required. In the coming days I need to check my DXCC score with eQSL cards received. Although not a DX chaser really it is fun. Most of my QSOs and eQSL cards have been for 10m QSOs and next 6m QSOs.

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VE3WDM said...

I still have a QSL card from my very first contact when I became a ham in 1989. I also use Eqsl and find it to be very handy.