10 Mar 2013

Practical Wireless (April 2013)

G3XBM in New Zealand (Abel Tasman National Park) Feb 2009
For the second month in a row I have an article in Practical Wireless. This time it is one submitted several years ago describing my operation on 70cms FM when on holiday in New Zealand in 2009. New Zealand has an excellent internet-linked repeater network that links repeaters all across the country, so one can work from the very south of South Island all the way to the top of North Island and talk to anyone on this linked network.  I found this invaluable when on holiday.

Sadly the exchange rate is not as favourable now as in 2009, but New Zealand is a wonderful place for a once in a lifetime holiday, with very friendly and welcoming people.

If you get PW, I hope you enjoy the article.


Chris Hellyar said...


Just a minor FYI, the national system 70cm network is radio linked, not internet linked.

Some of the repeaters are 'three port' having a local pair of frequencies and link frequencies, others are conventional repeaters that operate 'reverse' split on the link frequencies of upstream/downstream repeaters in the network.

Either way, it's a very clever bit of ham engineering.

73, ZL3LF

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Chris. It worked well when I was there however it was linked! Indeed a clever bit of ham engineering. My thanks to all involved.