28 Mar 2013

More Chinese QRP radios/kits

Chinese QRP kits and ready built radios seem to be everywhere. For example, see the KN-Q7A kit from http://www.crkits.com/ . This little 40m 10W or 20m 5W QRP SSB transceiver was designed by BA6BF.   Reviews on eHam.net are good (4.9/5 with 8 reports) so this is no toy radio.

I have the feeling this is an enterprising Chinese amateur making a bit of money selling a few kits rather than a major Chinese manufacturer, gearing up for the big time. However, this IS coming. Unless the big boys like Yaesu and Icom move to low cost manufacturing locations like China for the bulk of their products then their days are numbered. Honestly. 

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Graham Boor said...

Only this week did I learn of this site, also followed the China QRP Yahoo blog, some nice looking kits, at sensible prices.

Graham G8NWC