30 Mar 2013

Low cost signal generators for QRP

Elecraft's XG3 signal generator
Although I have a couple of (loaned from friends) signal generators, these are rather large in a small shack. There are times when something small but calibrated is useful. Elecraft sell the XG3 signal generator which can be PC programmed to give a number of fixed output levels on a wide range of HF, VHF and UHF frequencies. It is the same (small) size as the T1 auto ATU i.e. about the same size as a packet of cards.

The Norcal S9 signal generator
Norcal also sell a kit for a small fixed frequency signal generator called the S9 Signal generator that can provide a fairly well controlled range of output levels. Currently it is out of stock, but the circuit is simple and could easily be built from scratch "dead bug" style.


g4fre said...

the xg3 can also generate a rtty test signal which is useful for setting up soundcards and rtty decoders


VE3WDM said...

What I think is cool on the XG3 is that it can be upgraded over the internet. So as Elecraft improves the product it is released.