28 Mar 2013

I've left the Yahoo KX3 group

Since its early days, I've been receiving posts from the Yahoo KX3 Group, which is a group for people interested in this Elecraft radio. It was generating a huge number of daily posts: this month people have posted 1590 messages already! As it is now rather unlikely that I will purchase a KX3 - I simply cannot justify £1200+ for a fully loaded, if excellent, QRP transceiver - I decided today to leave this group.  That still leaves plenty of other Yahoo group messages to read.

I'm not sure how others read Yahoo Group messages, but I always choose

" - Don't get notified of the latest happenings. Read messages only on the web."

I'd be unable to cope with several hundred, possibly thousands, of additional emails from groups each week. This option is always available when you join a Yahoo group, or you can do it later by editing your group settings.


Dick said...

I follow the very good FT-817 group. Good info provided, not just pats on each other's back for their choice of rig. If I had an HW-8 or 9 I would likely join.

Roger G3XBM said...

A lot of the comments on the KX3 group were getting rather "silly" which was another reason for leaving Dick.

Steve Wigg said...

Web only is enough to cope with. I couldn't be done with an Inbox umpteen full either..

73 Steve


Graham Boor said...

Web for me also Roger, get enough emails to sort as it is.

Graham G8NWC