16 Mar 2013

Android and iPod WSPR

WSPR on the iPod Touch 4g
To the best of my knowledge no-one has (yet) produced apps for these devices that allow them to be used as WSPR mode terminals.  Not being a software expert (at all) I am rather surprised at this: these are now very common platforms that a wide variety of people have. The number is growing daily. How much more convenient it would be to use my little iPod Touch 4g, for example, with a simple QRP WSPR transceiver, than with a PC or laptop. Are there any technical reasons why such apps haven't appeared?

If anyone knows if this has/is being done please let me know. I am aware of WSPR watch but this is NOT a WSPR terminal, just a neat reporting app.  The picture shows what WSPR might look like on such a device - I wish!

I wrote to Joe Taylor to find out if the creator of WSPR knew of any attempts. This was his reply:

"Hi Roger,

No such effort has been attempted, to my knowledge.

   -- Joe, K1JT"


Peter Marks said...

Hi Roger,

WSPR is quite challenging to build, it uses C, Fortran and Python to glue it all together and for the GUI.

WSPR does have a command line mode in there and there might be more chance of getting that going but it's not a simple task.

Thanks for mentioning WSPR watch by the way!



Roger G3XBM said...

Just added the link to WSPR watch Peter. Thanks for the heads up on the WSPR app challenge.

Anonymous said...

Here is F6FLQ.
Why not taking control from a third remote free app mike teamviewer ?
I havent try it, a little hot for sure but possible.just and idea.
See you on wspr

Hajo Dezelski said...

Hi Roger,

there doesn't seem to be some development. I would be glad if there was something like the WSPR-Watch for Android.

I want show my reports on a little screen driven by a Raspberry Pi.
But there is no a telnet connection comparable to dx-clusters, where I can get just the database entries via a terminal session?

So I am trying to filter them out of the html-page or does someone no an easier way?