18 Feb 2013

Trio TR2300 1W 2m FM portable

Looking on eBay today I noticed someone selling an old Trio-Kenwood TR-2300 2m FM portable.  I'd forgotten I owned one of these back in the 1980s. When it came out, it was one of the first synthesised 2m radios available.

I had it to get on 2m FM from home mainly. A small vertical dipole was erected at gutter height and with this set-up I could work well equipped stations out to around 50-60 miles.  It was actually a rather good little radio that also got used in the car on holiday in France with my French call F0HXF.

Why it was sold I cannot remember. Of course, these days you get all the functionality, and a lot more, in a tiny handheld like the VX3 and the FT817 produces more than 6dB more power on all bands and modes from 160m-70cm in a box about 30% smaller.

Incidentally with 2 days to go there have already been 31 bids, so someone must want one.


Anonymous said...

Somewhere around here I have a Drake 2M FM radio that looks just like this. Mine is crystal controlled.

Anonymous said...

I remember the earlier Trio 2200 were badged Drake. The Trio was used for Kenwood in the U.K because Kenwood a U.K electrical kitchen appliance company had exclusive rights to the name.


Anonymous said...

I still have an Icom IC202. Haven't used it for ages. Would be fun, going uphill work some DX with that old beast.