27 Feb 2013

Stake out on 481THz

481THz RX on tripod with optics.
In the daylight today I went to the RX site used in last night's unsuccessful over-the-horizon (NLOS) optical beaconing test. I've now marked out on the ground (with sticks and stones!) the exact direction to aim my RX in when I return for a second try, hopefully tomorrow night.

Yesterday it was so gloomy that I could hardly work out where to aim, so this now means I can be within a few degrees accuracy on initial set-up. I've also adjusted the aim of the TX beacon optics. Visibility for Thursday night is forecast to be "very good" with cloud cover according to my Met Office app, so let's hope it works OK tomorrow.

The RX and 100mm optics are shown above. Note that the upper tripod extension (below the tilt arm) is rarely extended as the whole thing is then too wobbly. I need a more sturdy tripod. Also, the low cost gunsight scope (bought for just a few pounds off eBay) is of little use at night (too little light) but very useful in daylight.

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Paul VA3PAW said...

Green Laser pointers - $5-10 from DX.com - can be seen from great distance at night. You can use on at TX side to pinpoint the beam direction