10 Feb 2013

Simple pleasures

Today for a change, and whilst waiting for the family and grandchildren to arrive for half term holiday, I simply went on 20 and 15m and just operated using the 2.5W pep SSB from the FT817.  No great DX, with the best contact being OY, but a few nice enjoyable contacts in the log. The speech processor certainly helps.

It is tempting now to build a multi-band VXO controlled QRP CW transmitter to use with the FT817 (on receive) as it is a while since I operated QRP CW on 40 and 20m. With the EF-10/20/40 antenna now up it is an ideal time to do this and enjoy the simple pleasures of operating QRP on the HF bands again. In my mind I think a 2N3904 VXO and buffer followed by an IRF510 PA at around 2-3W.

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