28 Feb 2013

Optical NLOS test - next time pack everything!

This evening I set off to my Landwade location where I hoped to check the non line-of-sight (NLOS) signal level from my 481THz, red LED, QRSS3 beacon TXing from home. This time I'd carefully aligned the TX and adjusted the RX optical alignment in daylight, so everything should have been spot on.

481THz RX with iPod Touch 4g running SpectrumView
Then I realised I'd left a vital lead at home that allowed me to connect the optical RX to the laptop. Next time I need a checklist as it is a 10 mile round trip to the test site.

Instead, I tried to copy the signal using the optical RX fed into my iPod Touch with SpectrumView software, but the bandwidth was too wide to allow me to find the weak signal. I hope to repeat the test in the next week (with the laptop and Spectran set to 0.34Hz bandwidth), but this time with EVERYTHING packed for the test.

I was very annoyed with myself for forgetting this audio lead as it prevented a meaningful test being done. I also need to find a different NLOS test site that is less far to drive to but still at about the same distance (3.6km).

The limitations of my cheap tripod are also apparent: I need a much sturdier one that has a compass attached and much smoother pan and tilt.

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