3 Feb 2013

Not the best of weeks

Well, apart from the excitement over the ferrite rod on TX, this has not been a too brilliant week.

As you saw in the last post, my website domain name provider seems to have messed up web forwarding thereby screwing up the G3XBM website, for now at least. This is annoying as it has also caused issues on the www.cambschoral.org.uk website that I set up and maintain for the Cambridgeshire Choral Society.  And then there is 137kHz where a week of trying has netted me spots from just 4 unique reporters. Even the effort to get WSPR15 working was all but scuppered by the 4Hz drift over 15 minutes in the FT817.

In the grand scheme of things none of this much matters. Perhaps next week will be more fruitful, HI. In the meantime, I'm watching TV and having a whisky!

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gj7rwt said...

Hi Roger,
I've been trying to get the e probe antenna to work properly for the last few days without much success in order that I can monitor the lf wspr frequencies. I couldn't get anything out of the mpf102 via the drain so I tried taking the output from the source which worked better although it now seems that the 2n3904 isn't giving any gain. I will keep trying till I get it working well enough to receive lf wspr signals.

73's and keep up the great work