2 Feb 2013

Going QRT on 137kHz

Another evening on 137.5kHz WSPR and reports again from G8HUH at 250km,  BUT FROM NO-ONE ELSE. I really don't want to run higher power or erect a big antenna. To be honest it is not worth the effort continuing on this mode on this band as there are too few monitoring stations. At the moment I am not inclined to box and finish the transverter. Instead, I think I'll try something else. Not sure what but the potential and unfinished project list is huge.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger, Please don't get discouraged with 136KHz just yet. While I appreciate the current lack of stations active on the band, which does make things difficult at times, you have put in a lot of time and effort on the project and also shared this with the rest of us sparking our interest for 136KHz and earth loop aerials. I wonder if I where to make a LW loop aerial I would be successful in receiving your transmissions? I think a visit to the hardware store for some materials is called for here. I am just trying offer you some encouragement for a most interesting project which I hope I will be able to participate in at some point. 73 Ian M0ITF.

Mike Reid said...

Hi Roger,
I always like reading about your experiments. I even built a 630m transverter from one of your drawings on your site.