25 Feb 2013

Exchange rate changes and ham rigs

In recent weeks the pound sterling has declined quite a bit against the US dollar and the euro. Against the dollar it has fallen from around 1.62 dollars to the pound to around 1.51 to the pound. This makes purchases of rigs like the KX3 even more expensive here in the UK.

On the other hand, the yen has weakened from 125 to the pound to around 142 to the pound.  Expect some discounting of Japanese rigs in the UK incoming months.  The latest yen exchange rate suggests a new FT817ND should be less than £500 again soon.

Which major dealer will be really public spirited and pass on their savings to us the amateur radio public?  Martin Lynch or Waters and Stanton?


John said...

Hmm, I wonder how easy it would be to buy from a Japanese dealer - a manufacturer probably wouldn't want to sell to individuals anyway.

I have only ever bought amateur radio equipment from USA dealers in the past, UK dealers just seem to change the $ sign for a £ sign.

Paul PC4T said...

Wait a little while, when the euro becomes worthless. Hi.

73 Paul