14 Feb 2013

Email habits

As someone who gets around 50-60emails a day, sometimes more, even though I am supposed to be retired, the link below offers us all some good sound advice on how to manage emails well. A good half of the emails I get are about projects on this blog or my main websites, so it's my own fault, HI.

My PC or iPod Touch tend to be on for a lot of the day and am almost addicted to reading the emails. Usually I reply promptly but occasionally emails get filed waya having forgotten to reply, for which I make a general apology.

Anyway, here is that link:  http://zenhabits.net/e/

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Anonymous said...

We had to use snailmail 30 years ago. The internet has opened up a whole new world. You now have Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and email groups, and Linkedin. What did we do with all this time we had on our hands. I am thinking about changing some of my email groups to digest only like QRPL